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Organizations working to create positive impact for our communities and the planet.

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Our 2022 partnerships

In 2022 we had the privilege of partnering with organizations across the country working to create a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable society. Our partners help to advance impact in our three focus areas: Climate, Reconciliation and Communities. Just as these focus areas are interconnected, the work of partners may align with more than one area. For simplicity, we have listed organizations in their primary focus area.


new partnerships

We welcomed 75 new partnerships in 2022 through our three focus areas and Montreal funding streams. We also funded 74 new partnerships through our Innoweave initiative.


continuing partnerships

Our funding partnerships span an average of three to five years. In 2022, we continued partnerships with 195 organizations.


Our Climate focus area partners contribute to an equitable and sustainable transition to a net-zero economy in Canada. We fund organizations working on innovative climate mitigation solutions; those ensuring a greater diversity of individuals can participate in climate action; and initiatives increasing the flow of private capital to fund the shift to a low-carbon economy.

A group of climate activists is sitting on a step and holding a banner that reads Indigenous Climate Action.
A group of children with animal-skin mittens standing outdoors in the snow.


Our Reconciliation focus area works with organizations to help advance a reconciliation economy where wealth and resources are equitably shared and sustainably stewarded for years to come. Alongside our partners, we envision a world where there is no socio-economic gap between the wellbeing of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. We partner with organizations that use collaborative funding models and prioritize Indigenous-led philanthropy; those using innovative models to solve complex challenges; and initiatives that employ financial innovation to help advance the reconciliation economy.


Our recently updated Communities focus area supports the leadership of equity-deserving groups to address the underlying causes of systemic inequality. We partner with organizations that collaborate to achieve shared audacious goals, and those working to advance policies that favour economic and social justice and reduce barriers for equity-deserving groups.

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A skyline view of Montreal at sunset, including a Ferris wheel listed in purple.

Get to know our other partners

In addition to our three focus areas, we devote a small portion of our funding to support organizations based in our home city of Montreal. We also allocate funding to organizations that seek to strengthen their capacity to address social and environmental change.

On occasion, we also direct modest amounts of funding to support unique and time-sensitive needs through our Opportunity funds, or to organizations that seek to test a new idea aligned with our focus areas through our Program Development funds. Finally, our staff and board occasionally provide directed funds to charities across the country.

A full list of our funding can be viewed on the CRA website.

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