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Using green bonds to fund climate change mitigation: AlphaFixe wins the Great Canadian ESG Championship

Current investment: 2022


Previous investment: 2019


In 2022, the McConnell Foundation partnered with the Trottier Foundation and seven other co-investors in the Great Canadian ESG Championship. The event showcased investment managers who excel in responsible investment practices and gave asset owners a jumping-off point to help accelerate their ESG investing.

Sixty investment managers submitted proposals. In the end, seven asset management firms were selected to earn investment mandates based on their robust ESG and financial performance.

A pie chart labelled "Investment Mandate Awarded To." The total of $104.5 million is broken down by $38 million for AlphaFixe, $25 million for Jurislowsky Fraser, $15 million for Manulife, $13.5 million for PH&N, $5 million for UBS, $5 million for Schroders and $3 million for Rally Assets.

Meet the champions: AlphaFixe Capital
AlphaFixe Capital is a leading fixed income investment manager with $7.6 billion assets under management as of December 31, 2021. Its Green Bond Fund invests in fixed income securities that finance climate change mitigation and adaptation projects. As of 2022, AlphaFixe Capital’s portfolio of securities included renewable energy, public transportation and green buildings projects.

According to AlphaFixe Capital, the Green Bond Fund and its financed projects have a direct impact on Canadians, cities, corporations and other stakeholders. “A wind farm project in Ontario can help meet the province’s growing electricity demand with clean and affordable energy, thus boosting businesses’ competitiveness and helping alleviate the bill for Canadian citizens. A light-rail project can help reduce the use of internal combustion engine vehicles, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, traffic deaths and urban sprawl,” says Simon Senécal, Portfolio Manager.

Senécal shares: “Over the past 15 years, our journey promoting ESG best practices has led AlphaFixe Capital to reflect on what it means to make a positive change within our community. It also made us realize that being vocal and speaking with conviction can have a big impact down the road, even though we are small in size compared to global asset managers.”

Thank you to AlphaFixe Capital for the images used on this page and other pages throughout this report.

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