Funding & partnerships overview

In 2022 we focused on becoming better partners by improving our application process and being more transparent about how we make funding decisions.

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2022 financial overview

In 2022 we allocated 4.76% of our assets to charitable activities and less than 1% towards non-charitable and investment expenses.

$32.46 million

Total charitable allocation in 2022

$682 million

Average asset value over 8 quarters

A pie chart representing the financial overview for 2022, which includes 4.76% as the total charitable allocation. This 4.76% is composed of 4.02%, which represents contributions and initiatives and 0.74%, which represents program expenses. 0.72% represents the total non-charitable operating and investment expenses, and the remaining 94.56% represents assets.

Meet our new and current partners

We have the pleasure of working with a diverse group of partners who advance positive change for communities and the planet. Our partners inspire us as we work to deliver on our mission and support organizations creating change across Turtle Island.

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Partnerships at a glance

In 2022 we introduced virtual office hours, hosted webinars and published our Funding and Partnership Guide to advise organizations as they considered applying. We also introduced a simplified two-step application process.



We received over 391 applications through our new two-step and Montreal application forms. Just over 20 proposals were submitted before we transitioned to our new application process.


new partnerships

We funded 75 new partnerships in 2022, including 66 from our focus areas and 9 through our Montreal fund.


Innoweave partnerships

In 2022, our Innoweave initiative received 138 expressions of interest and funded 74 projects from organizations seeking to enhance their impact by working with a coach.


virtual office hour appointments

We held more than 350 conversations with potential partners, where we heard their ideas and advised them on potential alignment with our focus areas. Along with our Funding and Partnership Guide, the aim is to provide organizations the tools to decide whether to apply.

Total charitable allocation in 2022

We allocated almost $24.5 million in funding to organizations through our three focus areas: Communities, Climate and Reconciliation. An additional $8 million was directed to our Capacity Strengthening and Montreal Strategy streams. This chart also includes an inflation top-up provided to continuing partners in 2022.

A pie chart representing the total charitable allocation of $32.46 million in 2022. Of this, 2% of the allocation is for Nourish, 32% is for Climate, 19% is for Reconciliation, 25% is for Communities, 15% is for Capacity Strengthening, and 7% is for the Montreal Strategy.

New and continuing partnerships

We added 149 new partnerships across our funding areas and continued 196 others. Combined, they represent 345 active partnerships.

A bar graph showcasing continuing and new partnerships in 2022.

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