Highlighting NWT On The Land Collaborative

Supporting land-based programming across the Northwest Territories

Current contribution: 2019-2025


Previous contributions: 2015-2019



Funding strategy

Collaborative funding models

The NWT On The Land Collaborative is a collective of partners from government, industry, philanthropy and beyond, working to support land-based programs and projects in the Northwest Territories (NWT).
“This year, the Collaborative will hand out over $1 million in funding to 52 land-based projects across the Northwest Territories,” says David Brinston, Director - On The Land Programs for the NWT Recreation and Parks Association, a partner of the Collaborative.

Through its funding and other support, the Collaborative champions projects that get people out on the land. It connects community members to their culture, languages and traditions, builds or strengthens partnerships, and enhances community capacity. Sustainability is a guiding principle, as it relates to both the natural environment and the continuation of the program.

Community advisors are appointed by regional Indigenous governments to serve as representatives to the Collaborative. They provide on-the-ground support to projects throughout the application process and assist in the selection of recipients.

“We believe strongly that communities are best positioned to determine what will work for them and we are committed to supporting local expertise and objectives,” says Brinston.

The administrative team of the Collaborative also includes representatives from the territorial government’s departments of health and social services and environment and natural resources, as well as the NWT Recreation and Parks Association.

Notes Brinston: “Every member of the Collaborative, regardless of their role or how much they contribute to the funding pot, has an equal voice at the table and plays an important role in determining how we work.”


Participating regional Indigenous governments:

  • Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
  • Gwich’in Tribal Council
  • Tłı̨chǫ Government
  • Dehcho First Nations
  • Northwest Territory Métis Nation
  • Akaitcho Territory Government
  • Sahtú Secretariat Incorporated

Thank you to NWT On The Land Collaborative for the images used on this page and other pages throughout this report.

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