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We aim to contribute to a reconciliation economy where wealth and resources are equitably shared and sustainably stewarded for this generation and for those to come, in relationship with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

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Reaffirming economic reconciliation

For nearly 20 years, our work towards reconciliation has been rooted in honouring the courageous survivors of the residential school system and their families. Reconciliation is personal, organizational and systemic journey, and we are continuously learning how to weave Indigenous and Western approaches into our work. These learnings are grounded in wise practices, ceremonies and Elders’ teachings, for which we thank our Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners. In 2022 we heard partners reaffirm our focus on economic reconciliation, and emphasize the importance of building respectful relationships with partners and prioritizing Indigenous-led solutions.


in contributions

We allocated over $6 million to our Reconciliation focus area and supported 45 organizations working to advance a reconciliation economy where wealth and resources are equitably shared and sustainably stewarded.


Calls to Economic Prosperity

The National Indigenous Economic Strategy (NIES) published its 107 Calls to Economic Prosperity in June 2022 and invited all organizations in Canada to collaborate on this initiative. Designed to achieve inclusive growth for and with Indigenous communities, this Indigenous-led pathway forward was developed and vetted by over 20 Indigenous organizations. This collective strength will inform our work moving forward.

Strategy #1


Collaborative funding models

We partner with organizations that establish collaborative funding models that prioritize Indigenous-led philanthropy.

   $805,000 contribution 2019-2025

NWT On The Land Collaborative: Supporting land-based programming across the Northwest Territories

Strategy #2


Innovative platforms for change

We support organizations that collaborate to address the root causes of systemic problems at local, regional or national scales.

   $1,530,000 Contribution 2019-2024

Turtle Island Institute: Reawakening Ancestral ways to realize systems change

Strategy #3


Innovative financial solutions

We partner with organizations that use innovative financial solutions to reduce the socioeconomic gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and advance the reconciliation economy.

   $150,000 Contribution in 2018-2022

ABSCAN: A unique innovation to support home ownership on First Nations reserves

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