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Nothing About Us Without Us: Political advocacy led by people with disabilities

Contribution: 2022-2024



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Disability Without Poverty is a movement led by people with disabilities, supported by families, friends, service providers, allies and organizations.

“Our laser focus has been and continues to be the passage of the Canada Disability Benefit as part of federal Bill C-22. We want to see the benefit delivered to people with disabilities who need it the most, as quickly as possible,” says National Director Rabia Khedr of the movement’s recent efforts.

The Canada Disability Benefit is designed to reduce poverty and support the financial security of persons with disabilities. Research has found that working-age persons with disabilities are more likely to live in poverty than those without. Through its ambitious advocacy around Bill C-22, Disability Without Poverty is determined to address this inequity.

To accomplish its ambitious goals, Disability Without Poverty organized and energized communities around the issue of Bill C-22. “We started a movement by establishing a national grassroots leadership group of people with disabilities from diverse backgrounds,” explains Khedr. “We engaged leading academics to help inform the design of the benefit by providing initial modelling data. And we brought together a partners group to provide advice and facilitate outreach to people with disabilities and those in positions of power.”

Thanks to the dedication of Disability Without Poverty, Bill C-22 is moving through Parliament and has received broad support.

Khedr offers the following advice for organizations doing advocacy work: “The biggest piece of advice I have is put people with lived experience at the centre of the work and build partnerships with philanthropy to invest in your efforts.”

Thank you to Disability Without Poverty for the images used on this page and other pages throughout this report.

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