Focus Area


Our renewed strategy aims to support the leadership of equity-deserving groups to address systemic barriers to economic and social justice.

A collage including images of a man holding a large sign for disabilities, a group of children dancing and a group of young adults constructing a garden bed.

Communities take the lead

In 2022, we consulted partners to better understand what communities need and where to focus our efforts. Based on this guidance, we updated our approach to primarily fund groups led by members of the communities they serve. Fully integrating this new approach will take time and there may be bumps along the way. But we are committed to changing our practices to ensure resources flow in the most appropriate and impactful ways.


in contributions

We supported 50 organizations in 2022, allocating over $8 million in funding to partners looking to accelerate and amplify positive change in their communities.


partner connections

In 2022, our Communities team hosted nearly 200 office hours to guide organizations as they considered applying for funding. We also hosted a pair of webinars outlining our new Communities strategy, which reached more than 250 partners.

Strategy #1


Collaboration and collective action

We support organizations to collaborate and achieve shared outcomes that may otherwise be out of reach.

   $1,014,000 contribution in 2020-2025

Collective Impact Project: A collaborative model to reduce poverty in Montreal neighbourhoods

Strategy #2


Policy change

We support organizations that advance policies or policy change in favour of economic and social justice, and that reduce barriers experienced by equity-deserving groups.

  $538,200 Contribution in 2022-2024

Disability Without Poverty: Nothing About Us Without Us – Political advocacy led by people with disabilities

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