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Farmers for Climate Solutions (FCS) is a national coalition of 26 farmer-led and farmer-supporting organizations representing more than 20,000 farmers and ranchers. The coalition advocates to consider agriculture as part of the solution to climate change.

In late 2021, FCS assembled an expert task force to identify opportunities for emissions reduction and increased climate resilience within the Government of Canada’s upcoming Agricultural Policy Framework. The task force developed detailed and costed recommendations that could reduce emissions from agriculture by 14% over the five-year term of the framework and scale up carbon sequestration on Canadian farms.

“For FCS, 2022 was a year of tremendous growth and action. We grew our team and built up our efforts as a national coalition,” says Dr. Karen Ross, Executive Director.

“We launched our farmer training and mentorship program, developed our network of farmer ambassadors, and strengthened our working groups and task forces to be powerful voices advancing climate solutions in Canadian agriculture,” says Ross.

A multilateral framework agreement was reached by federal, provincial and territorial ministers of agriculture in July 2022. While the agreement did not include all of FCS’ recommendations, Ross says there were important wins: “The agreement includes targets for GHG emissions reduction for the first time and mandates a minimum of $438 million in spending on programs that will have a measurable impact on emissions.”

The future looks bright as Farmers for Climate Solutions continues to expand its work, creating programs and policies that are good for agriculture, for people, and for the planet.

Thank you to Farmers for Climate Solutions for the images used on this page and other pages throughout this report.

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