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We aim to contribute to Canada’s transition to a net-zero carbon economy in a way that produces sustainable and equitable outcomes for all.

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Supporting equity & diversity in climate action

Everyone has a role to play in climate action. In 2022, we commissioned research to understand the level of equity, diversity and inclusion of the organizations working on climate action in Canada. We found that the leadership of most organizations is primarily non-Indigenous, male and white. Our research also determined that equity is seldom a key consideration in the development of climate policies, investments and programs. This research now informs how we fund climate-focused initiatives.


in contributions

We allocated $10.4 million to our Climate focus area and supported ​61 organizations working to accelerate an equitable transition to a net-zero carbon economy.



Over 60% of the organizations we supported in 2022 were led by women. We also supported initiatives led by young people, Indigenous people, new Canadians, farmers, and organizations serving small business owners.

Strategy #1


Climate solutions

All sectors of society can contribute to reducing carbon emissions. We fund organizations that work on effective climate communications, public policy change, and decarbonizing electricity generation, construction, transportation and agriculture.

  $484,680 contribution 2021-2023

Farmers for Climate Solutions: Creating a climate-friendly agricultural sector

Strategy #2


Diversity & inclusion: Equitable outcomes for all

Transitioning to a net-zero carbon economy requires active partnership with individuals and communities who have traditionally been excluded or underrepresented in the development of climate solutions. Those who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change are resourced and empowered. We aim to strengthen organizations that give voice to these groups and support a greater diversity of individuals to participate in the net-zero carbon economy.

   $309,000 contribution 2020-2023

Indigenous Climate Action: Climate leadership starts in communities

Strategy #3


Sustainable finance

Canada cannot reach a net-zero carbon economy without a significant shift in capital flows. This means directing public and private capital from carbon-intensive industries into climate solutions. We support organizations that address knowledge gaps for financial institutions, asset managers, pension funds and corporations to align their investments with the goal of a net-zero carbon economy.

   $600,000 contribution 2022-2025

Shift: Directing retirement savings to climate action

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